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Simple Guide to a Killer SEO Strategy for Your Crypto Brand

Crypto Market has been growing rapidly around the globe. To begin with, there can be ‘n’ number of Crypto brands online. Thus, all these brands come across a competitive track. From holding on to the permanent customers, to grasping the attention of potential users: What is the best Crypto brand strategy to cover all aspects? Here is the solution, a killer SEO strategy!

What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. An SEO strategy can be a group of techniques to improve traffic on the official crypto website.

Today, we are presenting a beginner’s guide to ‘how to build a killer SEO Strategy for your Crypto Brand?’ Before we move ahead, let’s take a brief introduction to the concept of Cryptocurrency. Alongside this, what is its role in the growth of the market?

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a term used to describe digital currencies. It can be any digital currency that has been generated by performing encryption tactics. These tactics may include equations resolution, solving mathematical scenarios, and advertisements. 

Every crypto brand and its digital currency operates autonomically. It means that no central bank is involved in the real-time digital currency transfer or verification of funds. Some of the most common cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Litecoin, NEM, Dash, PeerCoin, and PotCoin. Do you know? United States Dollar is also one of the major Crypto brands.

Cryptocurrency Market Growth

The concept of Cryptocurrency was first introduced in 1983 by David Chaum. Today, the size of the Cryptocurrency market is immensely wide. As per the finance specialists, in the upcoming years, the market will reach up to $1.4 Billion.

For many large scale businesses, the Crypto market has become the base of obtaining venture funds. Furthermore, it helps in collaborating at international level and evolving partnerships via improved and secure crypto transactions.

However, the main question stands ‘how crypto brands grow and attract customers?’ Well! The answer is Crypto SEO keywords. To summarize, by implementing high-end SEO keyword research for Crypto, the Crypto SEO specialists ensure that their crypto brand appears on the first-page results (higher rank) on search engines like Google. What to do to improve traffic on your Crypto brand website? It is time to plan and execute a real-time SEO plot to do so. If you don’t have much information on SEO, not a problem. You can work on your skills and explore more about the best SEO courses by yourself. Take your time, it’s worth it!

Why choose SEO for boosting Crypto website traffic?

One of the major factors that incline crypto brands toward SEO services is that SEO is quite cost-effective. As compared to the non-collateralized marketing initiators akin to PPC and Google Adwords, SEO works far better at a lesser cost.

How is SEO cost-effective and an assured solution?

Let’s explore a little more:

  1. SEO keywords research helps to generate genuine traffic on the website.
  2. SEO is an organic marketing strategy.
  3. It also promotes business simultaneously.
  4. It helps to avoid paid marketing which only works for short-run promotional tactics.
  5. SEO-based digital marketing campaigns receive high-end conversion rates and lead to revenue enhancement.
  6. SEO helps to gain the trust of potential customers for the Crypto brand as it receives ranking by Google.

How to build a killer SEO strategy for the Crypto brand?

Analyze your competitors

Competitive analysis is one of the concurrent strategies that runs successfully in the Crypto market. Since the concept of Cryptocurrency is new, there are not more than 15 cryptocurrencies. However, it is very tough to beat your competitors in the absence of sales strategy, promotional strategy, and content strategy. Does competitive analysis help to locate where your competitor is lacking?

Further, by applying the right SEO strategy or tactic, you can overcome your competitor and move upscale in the context of Google rank. Following are the steps to successful competitive analysis:

  1. Locate your competitors online.
  2. Observe the pros and cons of their products.
  3. Observe your competitor’s marketing tactic.
  4. What is your competitor’s content grand design?
  5. What is your competitor’s engagement level with online audiences?
  6. What sources of marketing are in use by your competitor?
  7. Process a SWOT analysis.

Generate Quality Content to help SEO

Content is the backbone of SEO keywords research. When you develop your brand around the crypto SEO keywords, you will see your brand upscaling on Google. For the most part, SEO for crypto brands does not simply depend on the quantity of content but also the quality of content. The better the quality and quantity of content, the higher the traffic on the website. This SEO policy supports Crypto brand growth like nothing else. As mentioned before, SEO generates organic traffic which is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to paid marketing.

What are the major factors of quality content?

  1. Add an SEO Title that includes SEO keywords.
  2. Add up to 160 characters limited Meta description.
  3. Make sure there are no consecutive sentences in the content.
  4. Headings and sub-headings for easy-to-read content.
  5. Use of active voice.
  6. 60-100% readability rate.
  7. Sentences must be lesser than 20 words.
  8. Use of transition words to improve readability.

Understand what people are searching in the Cryptocurrency category

The keenest technique to attract targeted audiences online is by understanding their searching requirements in the context of cryptocurrency. For example, when you research SEO keywords for crypto words, you will find a list of keywords. These keywords are simply the search queries that have been made by online users on Google.

Let’s take the keywords “cryptocurrency capital market”. When you check it via keyword research tools, you can notice that it’s been searched by around 181, 00 users online. Thus, there is a valid probability that users will also search for the same in the future. Hence, by using the “cryptocurrency capital market” keyword in your content, you can attract traffic on your website.

It is significant to understand that the SEO keywords help to find out what query is going on in customers’ minds? What is his routine for searching for anything online? Does the customer skip to the 2nd page on Google or not?

SEO helps to Increase Website Rankings

When we search ‘cryptocurrency websites’ online, the Google search engine shows more than 7 million results. Are all seven million your competitors? Well! This depends on the competitive analysis. In this section, what matters is website ranking? How SEO contributes to Website ranking upscaling?

While planning and implementing your content strategy, you can view constant traffic statistics via website organic traffic checker. When you gain more and more views on your content, your website will keep outranking websites with lesser views, i.e.., competitors. However, our main goal should be appearing on the first page of Google results and till that time, SEO content strategy must go on. This indirectly leads to outranking competitors.

Top crypto leaders to always track

Are you looking to boost your crypto inspiration online? Then you should check out the top Crypto Leaders in the field. Always track for crypto investment and cryptocurrency prices online on the most famous websites.

Also, you can systematically check other possible competitors based on your keywords to find out if there are other new competitors in the market.


As compared to the other industries, the Cryptocurrency industry is still in the development process. Thus, high-end financiers and investors hold a competent prospect of building a top-notch occupation in Cryptocurrency.

Online websites with lesser and lesser results on Google get a high conversion rate because of the rareness of the topic. Hence, if the concept of cryptocurrency attracts you, it is the best time to pilot your investment-driven mind into an online business with tremendous potential and monetary outcome.

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