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How Can Your Company Stay Productive While Working Remotely?

The COVID-19 outbreak has forced many companies to start working remotely. And while remote work has been gaining popularity in the last few years, especially in the tech industry, not all companies were ready to implement remote work policies. This means that now, all of these companies are faced with new challenges. Additionally, many of the business owners are afraid that remote work will negatively affect their productivity. No matter if your company has done remote work before, working remotely during these conditions isn’t ideal. That’s why in this article we’ll be taking a look at some of the ways your employees can stay productive and be successful when working remotely.

1. Define Your Company’s Working House

Even though remote companies are known for having more flexible working time arrangements, you still should set the hours you and your employees are working. With pre-set working hours, you minimize the risk of overworking or underworking your employees. Predetermined working hours will also help everyone more easily adjust to remote work, because now you know when you get on and off work, just like in the office. This can also be useful for readjusting back to the office once everything returns to normal.

2. Communicate Often

Communication is very important for all businesses, with remote companies, it might be one of the most important aspects of the business. Establish communication rules – everyone’s availability, the best way to reach one another, the platforms you all prefer, and the frequency of communication. Communication rules are likely to change as you make other adjustments to remote work. Also, make sure you encourage your employees to communicate with each other as much as possible. By sharing all the important info you have, you’ll more likely be able to stop any misinformation or double work from occurring.

3. Don’t Forget to Track Time

If you want to be sure your employees are doing the work you’re paying them to do, you need to have them track their time. To track time, most remote companies rely on some sort of a time tracker. In addition to helping you monitor if your employees are staying on track with their time, time tracking software is also useful for your employees, as it allows you to see who is accountable, visible, and most productive. A time tracker can also help introduce a much-needed structure for your remote company.

4. Track The Progress On All of your Project

You need to encourage your remote employees to be more proactive now that everyone is working from home. By tracking time on all your projects and generally keeping track of what your employees are doing, you minimize the risk of overwork or double work for your employees. This also helps reduce the stress your employees feel if they know that someone is looking after what they’re doing.

5. Encourage Your Employees to Socialize

With everyone working from home, the usual office chit-chats and banter are gone. However, you still can encourage your employees to continue with their usual social interactions, just over the internet. This will help your employees feel more connected with each other, less lonely, and it will help work feel less monotonous for everyone.

6. Don’t Forget To Have Fun

An additional way you can combat the usual monotony of everyday work is to introduce fun activities in which everyone can participate in. Play online games together, start a book or a moviesflix club, send each other fun GIFs over Slack, and if you can, volunteer online together. There is almost an infinite number of fun things you can do while working remotely, so we’re sure you’ll find something for your employees to enjoy!

Final Takeaways

While remote work has been gaining popularity in the tech world for the last couple of years, not all companies were ready or willing to embrace it. However, with the coronavirus outbreak, many business owners now have to work remotely and some of them are afraid that remote work will negatively affect their organization’s performance. However, if you clearly define your company’s working hours, communicate often with your employees and encourage them to communicate with each other, track time on all tasks, keep an eye on the progress of all your projects, encourage everyone to socialize and have fun, you’ll have much better chances to be productive while working remotely and be successful in working from home.

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