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Best Google Picasa Alternatives

Google has announced that it won’t support Google Picasa desktop application, however, the application is a popular photo editor and organizing application or a software that are generally used by photography professionals. Well, to let you know Google has replaced Picasa with new photo storage application called photos, yet you can use the Picasa application, as long as you have it, but Google won’t be providing any future updates to the app though. Hence, we have got these top 4 Google Picasa alternatives that could just be a great photo organizing and editing software in place of Picasa. Entertainment site here. Google Picasa Alternatives You can simply download and install these top ten trending photo editing application on your Windows devices. Google Photos Of course, we all know and we are well aware of Google photos that would be the next pick and of course the best Picasa alternative for all the Picasa users out there! The app is however, a lot easy to go on with. Yet, to let you know this particular application takes up a little more space than other apps in the smartphone. If you are using it for your desktop, then Google photos are actually the first preference after Picasa. However, in case if you already had or have Picasa, then you just have to replace it with Google Photos create an account with the same details and then just go on, as all the details would be automatically uploaded to Google Photos. Zoner Photo Studio Well, this is for those who are actually not a fan of Picasa or Google Photos. Yes, this application particularly has got various set of features that are at par with Google Picasa. However, this software is not free, but still you can go for the trail version of this application. It offers a 30 day free trail and later it costs $45 for home version and $65 premium version. The setup and the dashboard is just great and also allows to edit and save the photos as wherever you need it. You also get a variety of editing features that are not available on Picasa. Windows Live Photo Gallery If you don’t want the above mentioned Photo editing or organizing tools then here we have got a Windows photo editing app, that is available and can be run on all the Windows desktop. This could be the best alternative for those who don’t want to use any priced tool in their desktop system. You need to know that the setup is somewhat similar to Picasa, and it also helps with uploading the images after editing on your social media accounts pretty easily. This app has got a whole lot of features that can be used to rotate photos, adding captions and sizing up the images accordingly. Phototheca It is another popular app that makes it simply easy for the users to go on with the usage of a photo editing software. This could be another best Picasa alternative though. This particular editing tool has got features like managing up with the photos, organizing and sorting out the photos all in a single place on the desktop. The app company simply offers both a free version and a paid version and both these versions have got the benefit of importing and exporting the images quite easily. You can also display the photos over the calendar, timeline and over slideshows too. Conclusion Hence, the above mentioned alternatives are the best ones for Picasa, in case if you are switching from Picasa to some other app. However, there are other such photo editing apps that can be used instead of Picasa.

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