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Static Stretching in Weightlifting

Weight training is essential in helping many people achieve their dream body. Furthermore, it is good for general health and fitness. Many tend to focus only on one thing and see no need to incorporate other things. Many people only lift weights and do not do other forms of exercise and routines. Many of them are forced to sacrifice flexibility when lifting weights. Since weightlifting involves a lot of muscle movements, stretching is essential. Here is all you need to know about static stretching in weight lifting.

Stretching and Power Output

Many people tend to ask is whether they should stretch before or after weight lifting. Many people have been advised not to static stretch before lifting weights. The reason is that static stretching may cause plastic deformation. This occurs when you are elongating your muscles and your tendons deform a little bit, so the ability to contract with power is compromised. This is because the muscles become longer in the process and need some time to readjust to the new length. If you immediately go from static stretching to lifting weights, you are not going to be as powerful as you would have been.

Though static stretching before lifting weights is known to reduce the performance, this does not mean that it has no benefits to those who regularly lift heavy weights. Stretching is beneficial in weightlifting because it significantly improves the ranges of motion, which will help you lift weights better. You will gain more than you lose.

Some people may attain huge muscles, but flexibility affects the amount they can comfortably lift. If you are in weightlifting, you should highly consider improving your range of motion. Most people these days are not very flexible, and this is because of the lifestyle that many people live. Most people spend most of their time at work sitting for many hours. Both athletes and most adults need some stretching to improve their weight lifting performance. You should have a peek at this web-site to learn about how supplements are beneficial in improving performance when lifting weights.


Because of today’s lifestyle, the hamstrings tend to be shortened for a period. Some stretching is required to get the needed range of motion when lifting weights. What may seem like simple stretching to many people may have a significant effect when done right. If you want to get an adequate range of movement in your hamstrings, you should consider reaching for your toes while your legs are straightened.


Ankle mobility is essential in weightlifting, especially when doing exercises like squats. To get good ankle mobility, you should first begin with some stretching. You can do this by standing on a step or something high with your forefoot and toes while your heel hangs off. You should then raise and lower your heels to the highest and lowest points that you physically can. After the stretching, you should then do some knee mobility exercises.


Weight lifting injuries are common. Some injuries may not need much attention while some may cause unbearable pain, and this may end up destroying a career in weightlifting. Most who lift weights are likely to have bad shoulder posture and decreased mobility. Through regular stretching, you can prevent injuries in your shoulders when lifting weights. Several static stretches are beneficial to the various muscles in the shoulders.


Stretching is essential when working out. You will prevent injuries from happening and significantly improve your flexibility. Just like you regularly exercise, you should not forget to stretch. Static stretching is not just beneficial to those who lift weights, but to everybody.


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