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Lessons We Learn About France in Emily in Paris

Well, when we initially watch Emily in Paris, Emily is just a girl in Paris who is on an unexpected work trip, she doesn’t know the French language, and more importantly, the French way of life. Emily has no social media following, and still is waiting for her boyfriend to join her. Well, when her boyfriend breaks up with her, Emily has no idea she will be in for a roller coaster ride in Paris. While moving to a strange country is not at all easy, Emily gradually adopts to the Parisian way of life and slowly learns to make mistakes and learn from them, because that is the essence of Paris. Well, while along with Emily’s journey in Paris, we all learn a little something about the life in Paris. 

So, if you also want to learn about what we learned about France from Emily in Paris, read along and find out. Well, beware because there might be a few spoilers. 

French People consider it Arrogant to Show up in France and Not Know Their Language 

Well, it is true. When you go to France and not know the language that the people speak, they get offended. When Emily spoke to French people in English not only would they be offended, they would look down upon her. Even though Sylvie begins to like Emily in the later episodes, she keeps taunting Emily on her language time to time. Apart from Sylvie there is a time when Emily goes to a shop to get breakfast and the lady at the counter gets offended because Emily doesn’t speak French. Well, when in France, speak French or the French people won’t treat you well. 

Don’t Be Early to Work 

Unlike America, when you are early to work in France they look down upon you. It seems like the French people have a problem with everything, but it is just their way of life. They show up to work late, and it is completely alright because they are just laid back and enjoying life.

In France They Embrace All Weathers 

In season 2, when summers arrive, wherever Emily goes (except Alfie’s house) there is no air conditioning. The French people believe that one should embrace every season and weather of the year. So, when in France, even if you are melting, do not mention air conditioning. 

Dinner is a Serious Part of The Day

Well, coming to dinner and parties, one thing we learned from Emily in Paris is that the French people take dinner very seriously. When Emily invited Mindy to dinner, Mindy tells Emily how French people take dinner quite seriously, and that everyone in France considers dinners and other meals as art from the City of Light.

The Ground Floor in a French Building is Not the First Floor 

Well, remember how Emily always ends up banging the door of her neighbor Gabriel? Well, in France, the first floor starts one floor above the ground floor, which makes the fourth floor actually the fifth floor if we see it from an American perspective. Well, Emily lived on the fourth floor and always ended up banging on Gabriel’s door because she misunderstood the third floor as the fourth. 

Working on Weekends Is Illegal 

One thing that we learned especially in the second season of Emily in Paris is that working on weekends is illegal. When Emily goes on a weekend trip to Saint Tropez she decides to check on the marketing project that she had been working on for Champere. When she makes and receives a few work calls, Emily gets to know by a lot of people that it is illegal to work on weekends in France. Well, there are a lot of more fun facts that we learn from watching this snow. Well, if you also like Emily in Paris and want to watch similar TV shows, we suggest checking out WOW TV Packages. The WOW packages are affordable, and the channel list is amazing as it has channels for all kinds of streamers. 

The Customer Isn’t Always Right, the Chef Is

When Emily goes to lunch with Mindy, she thinks the meat she has been served is raw. While she is new, Emily asks the waiter to get the meat cooked, to which Mindy tells her about French Chefs. Mindy tells Emily, how in France the customer is never right. Well, turns out Emily is wrong because when the chef Gabriel asks her to taste the meat Emily falls in love with the food. So, when in France trust the chef, because they treat food as art. 

Don’t Talk About Work at a Party 

Well one rule that we learned from this show is to never talk about work at a party. When Emily comes to Paris and attends her first party she is told to not talk about work and that it goes against the French ethics. Later, same happens when Madeline Wheeler comes to Paris, she tries to talk work at a party and she is told that people in France do not talk about work at parties. So, when in France, enjoy the parties because work can stay at the workplace. 

Extra Marital Affairs and Unethical Affairs are Paris’s Essence 

Well, we see Sylvie telling Emily to make mistakes at several instances in the TV show. Well, from Sylvie’s settlement with Antoine Lambert, and everyone telling Emily to make mistakes, we get the impression that it is very common to have extra marital, and unethical affairs in France especially in Paris. Well with the romantic essence of the city and the relaxed life, it is easy to make mistakes, and it is a common phrase to ‘make mistakes while you are in Paris.’

Well, Emily in Paris is one of the most trending shows online, and we know all the reasons why it is. So, if you still haven’t watched this TV show you are making a big mistake, and not even a good one. Watch the TV show now because it walks you through the beautiful places and lifestyle of Paris as well as France.  

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