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If you have asthma avoid these occupations


Asthma makes life horrible for all patients. Everywhere they go they keep the Asthalin Inhaler with them out of fear to have a trigger. Every day they take Ketosteril Tablets with a hope to become better. There is no way to say you that there is no need of carrying the inhaler or no need to have regular tablets. However, there is one thing to state here. If you are into some of the occupations, you need to plan a change, in order to get rid of asthma. These occupations do make things quite irregular for you and for that reason too, you might have to develop asthma triggers in you. Hence get through the occupations first.

Job in the factory

The factory that works with smokes and dust, like that of power plants or the cement or asbestos plants are filled with dust and smokes. There are smokes in all types of factories, but these factories have their entire production based on dust. Hence, if you are an asthma patient, then stay away from these occupations; otherwise, you will not be able to protect yourself. If you are working there in such a factory, it is quite natural that you will face triggers of asthma on a regular basis.

Job at the closed-door offices

Closed-door offices are completely air-conditioned and air condition means you face the CFC, which is one of the most triggering agents for your asthma. If you are having your own chamber and you can put the AC off there and the windows open, then it is okay. Otherwise, there is a need for a change, wither of your department, or your position of sitting or your job too, in case all the other options are unavailable for you. In such cases too, you might have to regularly intake from Asthalin Inhaler in order to stay safe from asthma triggers.

Chemical factories

There is no fear of dust and smokes from a chemical factory if that is maintained quite well with proper cleanliness. But still, chemicals are very much allergic and patients of asthma must have to fear from allergic agents. Allergy can be from food, can be from clothes, and can surely be from the chemicals. In case of allergy, the inner wall of the lungs gets choked and that affects in the form of asthma triggers when you have such. Hence, it is surely the need to have Ketosteril and Seroflo Inhaler regularly while working in such chemical factories, but the thing that is needed here is a change in your job, as your health will decline every single day, while you work there at those industries.

Salesman job with perfumes

Another chief allergen is fragrance. If you are working as a worker of perfumes, or as a salesman to sell off perfumes, then it can be dangerous for you. In case you are not having asthma, there is no need to avoid such things, but if you have asthma, be sure that you keep your Asthalin Inhaler 100MCG every-time in your pocket unless you change the job. Almost all the asthma patients do have allergy from perfumes and all types of heavy fragrance and while they have the same, the suffering for them is certain in a job where you are selling perfumes.

Job at a veterinary hospital

Veterinary hospitals are meant for the treatment of pets. The pets usually shred more hairs at normal time and during their ailment, vaccinations, and other things, it is quite natural that they will shred off more hairs. Hairs of pets are dangerous for all asthma patients. Hence if you are into this job, you are really at stake, as you will have to face the hair pets throughout the day. Hence be protected unless you change your job.

Job as a housemaid

House cleaning jobs or housemaid jobs are great and hazardless for asthma patients unless there are pets in the houses where you are being deployed. If you are an independent worker, then you can make a choice among the houses where you will work. But when you are working for a company, that time you will have no choice. Hence, if you have explored that you are having asthma and you are working in such companies, either you can have some words with the owner about selecting the houses for you, or carry Asthalin Inhaler all the time with you to stay protected.

There is another thing to be mentioned here at the end. You must not go for the inhaler or the drug, Ketosteril and Aerocort Inhaler unless you are desperately in need of that. They contain steroids in them and hence can have an adverse effect on your body too if taken at times when you are not in need of them. Hence, wait for the triggers to show their symptoms to take the steroid out of your pocket.


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