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Five Gorgeous Films of Different Genres – Perfect for the Evening

We all like to watch a good movie in the evening. Cinema is not only an art but also a wonderful way to relax and unwind. If you are looking for a more active and adrenaline-fueled way to relax, then you can play the buffalo king casino slot.

Well, below in this article, you will find a selection of great movies that you can watch tonight.

Home Again

After her divorce from her husband, Alice Kinney moves with her daughters from New York to Los Angeles, where she plans to work as a designer. She visits the house of her late father, the director, where, it would seem, the atmosphere itself should be conducive to creativity, but Alice has a lot of things that do not allow her to focus on anything. One day Alice gave shelter to three guys who came to Hollywood for fame, and they, in gratitude, took over some of the household duties.

Alice’s life finally began to improve, but then, as luck would have it, her husband became more active and wanted to bring her back. Now she faces a difficult choice: to respond to his feelings or try to save the marriage for the sake of the children.


Right on her birthday, young India Stoker learns about the tragic and inexplicable death of her father. Silent and a little strange, she habitually keeps her feelings under lock and key, although she feels a huge loss. The funeral ceremony was attended by friends and relatives of the Stokers, among whom the mysterious uncle Charlie – the father’s brother, about whom for some reason no one had told the girl before, got mixed up.

Smiling Charlie is friendly with both the widow and India herself, but the girl is wary of the new relative. But at the same time, she is attracted by the aura of mystery and danger that surrounds him. India succumbs to the temptation to unravel her uncle’s dark secrets and in the process finds out that she has dark sides.

The Voices

A guy named Jerry works as a packer at a plumbing factory. This work, as well as exemplary behavior and mandatory medication prescribed by a psychiatrist, is a condition for his being free. The fact is, he is not all right with his head. But he’s a nice guy, positive and hardworking – you can’t tell from him that he talks to his pets, a dog and a cat at home. And if it’s nice to talk to the dog – he gives the owner good advice – then the cat constantly encourages him to do bad things.

Soon, the plant’s bosses arrange a picnic, at which Jerry goes out of his way to impress the pretty accountant Fiona. But because of skipping taking pills, everything will not go according to plan.


Everything happens in the 50s, in the pretty American town of Suburbicon, where idyll and order reign, and there is no crime. But the quiet life ends when the black Myers family settles in the city. Their arrival makes the local white community buzz like a disturbed hive, residents oppose racial integration. However, the Lodge family, whose house is located next door to the Myers, does not join the general outrage – they have other problems. At night, criminals got into their house and killed Mrs. Lodge.

The widowed Mr. Lodge now provides all possible assistance to the police, who are looking for criminals, and in between tries to raise his son Nikki, who, for his young age, asks too many questions.

Last Looks

Charlie Waldo, who was once one of the best detectives in Los Angeles, suddenly declares himself a minimalist and eco-pacifist and runs away from people outside the city, where he lives as a hermit. One day, his happy unity with nature is violated by his former lover Lorena. She asks him to return to Los Angeles to investigate the high-profile murder of the wife of actor Alistair Pinch. The only suspect is Pinch himself because that evening he got very drunk and does not remember what he was doing.

Waldo agrees to take up this case and immediately becomes the object of close attention of various aggressive types, communicating with whom it will be very difficult for him to remain a pacifist.

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